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Arkansas Boozefighters
Club Background
Club Background
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Our Goal

This site is here to be able to get every open ride I know of out to whoever wants to know about them.  It is also to promote brotherhood among all riders, and in the event of some rides, to help out our local communities.

History of Our Club

The BOOZE FIGHTERS was founded by “Wino” Willie Forkner in 1946.  The BFMC has never been an outlaw club.  They were at the infamous Hollister, California event of July 4, 1947, which was immortalized by the movie “The Wild One” starring Marlon Brando. 
“Wino” was played by Lee Marvin.  BOOZE FIGHTERS never fight booze, they abuse it.

                 The BFMC is one of the oldest active motorcycle clubs in existence.  It is this history that is being preserved in the spirit of fellowship and good fun.


The Secretary and your contact

If you need to get anything added to this site just drop me an e-mail.  I will do my very best to get everyone's events on here, we all love to ride and need to know when and where to go to have fun.


Original Wild Ones Forever

A drinking club with a motorcycle problem.